…Why we do what we do and what makes us different?!

With our five-year birthday taking place this year we treated ourselves to a little rebrand of our boutique and new (very posh) website to show off our bridal abode to the whole world in the best way that we can! It was through this process however that we started thinking about content to write including topics such as ‘Why Visit Us, How Are We Different etc! ‘and it is actually quite a tricky task to put these thoughts down on paper!!  However, it was that in turn that made me realise that there is not one singular reason or individual aspect that sets us apart from other boutiques, there are a number of things really, so I thought I might try in the best way I can to let you know why Katie and I are so in love with what we do!

Katie and I honestly have the energy of a caffeine fuelled Duracell bunny on a sugar high (the sugar high bit is really true due to a ridiculous amount of dairy milk, squashies and percy pigs that pass through our lips on a daily basis!) – NO JOKE!! After years in the industry we both still love it as much now as we did when we started! We are both extremely passionate, driven and determined to ensure that every bride that walks through our door really truely has the best time they could possibly have. We have an incredible friendship and loyalty between us, bringing out the best in each other so we can always showcase the best of ourselves and our boutique to each and every bride! We hope the biggest difference between us and other boutiques is that our welcoming, genuine, energetic, happy sparkly spirits infect everyone who walks through our door!

In addition to all the fun, we offer one of the largest fitting areas in the local area making sure each bride has plenty of space to feel comfortable, stepping in and out of each dress before the big reveal to their family and friends. It is extremely important to us that we have this as feeling relaxed within our boutique is a MUST!

Excessive note making!! I know this sounds crazy but Katie and I love to get to know each and every detail about a bride’s wedding and exciting happenings in the lead up to the big day! We make notes of all of the wonderful things we get told to make sure not only we know but the whole team get to know each bride and the details for the big day too! We feel this means that whenever you walk into our boutique you are never greeted by a stranger, it will just be another one of our friendly faces ready to greet you and chat to you all about your special day! We of course make lots of notes on your favourite dresses and accessories too so we are always ready for your next visit to us!

We (Katie ESPECIALLY!!!) loves a bit of social media and we work hard to engage with our brides. We love to share all of the beautiful pieces we have in the boutique alongside events taking place, big news and real bride features too! Watch out for Katie’s Friday Film – it is definitely a favourite for all of our followers!

Our accessory event! We are pleased to host the largest and longest standing annual bridal accessory event with Richard Designs in the area! WE ABSOLUTELY LIVE FOR THIS EVENT IN FEBRUARY FOR LOTS OF REASONS! Mainly, all the sparkle, seeing the new accessory collections, spending time with our amazing suppliers, seeing all of our brides and more with live music, drinks and lots of cake! We are proud to host this annual event and it is a must if you are a bride on the hunt for all the finer details to go with your dress! We will make sure we announce the date for the 2020 night soon, see our events page for more details!

Anywhoo, I am sure I could go on and on… I haven’t even started talking about our newly featured feather lamp shade, refreshments, bride squad photos etc etc however I just wanted to finish before I bore you all completely!! I really have enjoyed being made to take the time to just note down a few of the main reasons we really do love what we do, where we work, who we are, what we sell and even more than that who we become friends with along this wonderful and slightly crazy bridal pathway!

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