A BIG topic in our boutique and one we always love having as generally it ends up in hilarious laughter at the ridiculousness of it all!
Monday night alterations – now known as Monday pant chat night! I don’t just mean any old pant chat – these pants will be the most important pants you ever wear whilst saying the most important words you will ever say to your loved one! However, they are generally not the type of lingerie we imagined before trying on dresses so just prepping you all for the pant shopping to take place in the lead up to the big day………..
You’ll likely of seen hundreds of beautiful teeny tiny, frilly, pearl embroidered, lace-edged, crazy strings crossing over at all angles type of silk pieces!……….However…… We hate to be the ruiners of all bridal fantasies but this DOES NOT WORK!!  By all means have these aside (if you can be bothered to slip them on later in the evening, I would always just go straight for pjs myself but totally understand it’s a special night etc! ) However, I just wanted to spend a little bit of time chatting through the best knicker options for bridal wear!
In our experience the best pant tone is always nude – the closest match to your skin colour is best , whites and other colours can show sometimes through the beautiful fabrics and detailing. Think simple, classic and always aim for no VPL!
Our dresses offer natural support too so there is often no need for heavily structured bras and pants however if you feel most comfortable in something a bit more supportive it is always best to go seamless to avoid any additional lines showing under your dress. Please don’t try and peel yourself in and out of those uber ribbed restrictive shapewear type things as they push bits of you into places they shouldn’t be pushed. Plus, they will totally restrict you on the eating drinking and dancing front which quite frankly are some of the best bits of the day! By all means go all out in terms of high waist, shorts, or even thong but please always stick to lightweight thin nude fabric!
Always aim for comfort, you want to feel totally relaxed on your special day and a good simple classic knicker totally does this! Plus you might even love them so much you can wear them again! Comfortable and economical!
So, to sum up the craziness of pant chat and before you strut out to tick off pants on your shopping list, here are our top three knicker tricks!

Keep it nude – skin tone is always best!

Keep it comfy – smooth lines, size up and no digging in!

Keep it simple – No frills, pearls or sparkles!

Generally the more unattractive looking the better under the dress!

Enjoy pant shopping and we look forward to more pant chat on Monday with all of our brides currently enjoying their alterations appointments!
White Rose Bridal Leamington 15

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